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Creating a careers page

What makes a careers page so important? How do you create a page that’s attractive and also reflects an authentic image of the employee experience in your organization?

By marketing yourself distinctly, faithfully and authentically, your company can strengthen its employer brand to become an appealing employer of choice to your target group.

A careers page gives interested applicants, collaboration partners, consultants and students an insight into the work environment at a specific employer. That’s why the page should provide information about your organization, career paths, corporate culture and core values.

A careers page can lead someone to conclude, “yes, this workplace looks interesting”, which can subsequently lead them to send in a speculative job application. An effective careers page should project an image of your company that current employees find familiar and relevant. They should feel proud to say, ”This is my workplace – come and work here with me!” 

Statistics from Linkedin show the importance of the careers page:

These statistics demonstrate the big benefits of creating a careers page. At FAB HR, we’ve helped a number of companies create a relevant and unique careers page that reflects their employee brand and the expectations of their target group. We have created our own careers page to demonstrate how a company can structure theirs.

What are our top tips for creating a fabulous careers page?

  • Evoke emotions and present people using graphics in motion
    If a picture says more than a thousand words, then what can a video clip do? At FAB HR we’ve produced a careers video that engages the viewer in who we are, the way we work, our message and the design of our work environment. To take this concept even further, instead of posting a static image of our team, we chose this short video on an infinite loop. It radiates joy and captures the true essence of the FAB HR team.

  • Employer introduction – about us
    In addition to photos and videos, words are also of great importance. That’s why we’ve developed a sincere text about us; describing our mission, our vision, our areas of expertise and our ways of working. This text tells you who we are while painting a picture of our employer brand. The truth and sincerity behind each word should be endorsed by your team internally before being communicated externally. Clear, genuine and trustworthy!

  • Values
    Values can come across as drivel. On the other hand, if values are genuine and manifest the delivery and the culture, then they become a powerful incentive to work for a specific company! At FAB HR, we call our values The FAB Mindset. Our values guide us in our decisions, collaborations and customer relationships. This strengthens us as a team while contributing to a clear and credible brand.

  • What’s in it for me?
    As an employer, it is important to know what we can offer our employees. Everything from security in the form of insurance and employment conditions, to a pleasant working environment, flexible work hours, personal development and benefits. The clearer this can be conveyed, the easier it is for a candidate to tick off important criteria for wanting to work at your company. This can be especially important to consider for companies experiencing high competition for talent in the same industry.

  • Who are we looking for?
    Everyone or a select few? Highlight the target group by describing the roles you want to fill in the company. If communicated clearly, then your dream candidate is more likely to feel compelled to submit an application. By customizing the language, layout, composition and contents of the entire careers page to relevantly reflect the target group, you can improve your recruitment metrics. Also, enlist the help of an expert to optimize your careers page with keywords (SEO). This means that the page can be picked up by search engines such as Google and made more visible in the search results when candidates are looking for jobs.

  • Call to action
    Once you have captured the attention of a potential candidate, it is important to promt them to take the next step in a ”call to action”. There are several affordable and user-friendly recruitment platforms out there to guarantee a positive candidate experience and to take care of GDPR compliance. Don’t forget to create an internal routine to respond to speculative applications and communicate this to the applicant to manage their expectations. For example: ”We’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as we can” or ”We have received your application and we’ll be in touch when an opportunity arises”.

In addition to these tips, there is so much more to explore. Pay attention to how other companies design their careers page and learn from what works and what doesn’t work. Remember that every careers page should be unique and genuine. Feel free to get help from an expert who specializes in employer branding if you need support.

At FAB HR, we are happy to help develop and strengthen your company’s employer brand! You can contact us here.

All the best!
Greetings from Karin Hovlin and the FAB HR team