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Through our Coaching service, we offer conversations with a certified coach who provides support to systematically achieve your objectives, which gives you the opportunity to develop your abilities and relationships. It is a powerful partnership to develop and enhance learning and effectiveness at both individual and team levels, which benefits the entire organization. 

Coaching can also be a valuable addition to larger development efforts or education programs.

Coaching is a powerful partnership to develop and enhance learning and effectiveness. Through conversations with a coach, both individuals and teams get the opportunity to develop their abilities and thus sharpen their performance in order to reach their goals more systematically. Our coaching plans are completely adapted to the situation you or your team are in and is an effective method for change. 

Who needs coaching?

Anyone who wants to develop and get help in ensuring that the development goes in the right direction and keeps pace. Individuals and teams get the most benefit from coaching if they are motivated to work with themselves, want to develop and are prepared to make changes.

As an individual, you may be facing a change in your work and need support in your new role? Maybe you want to develop as an employee or manager and achieve higher results? Or maybe you have a work group that needs to work to become an effective team?
Coaching works in many different situations and gives effect not only to the person or team being coached, but it also has a great impact on the organization. An efficient and more grounded employee or a team that knows how to use each other's strengths will bring great joy to the entire organization.
We at FAB HR are experienced coaches who are trained and certified according to the ICFs standard. We are happy to tell you more about what coaching means and how it can make a difference for you!

Development areas and objectives

We map out which areas we will work on and determine the overall objectives.

Current situation and roadmap

We identify the current situation and outline a roadmap from where we are today to where we want to be.

The development journey can begin

In each meeting, we take another step towards the development objective. We work with the tools, tests or forms that are powerful in this particular situation.

"ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thoughtful and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential"


HR Kick-off

Our Kick-off consists of an HR mapping that is for CEOs or management teams who want to get an overview of their HR work and go through the basics and processes in the area. Through the mapping, a compilation of the identified current situation is created with recommended efforts to reach the desired target image based on vision, strategies, processes and legal requirements. The result can be used as a basis for further development of the internal work or with continued support from FAB HR.