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About the HR Kick-Off

The HR kick-off approach will suit anyone wanting to get the best possible start in really good HR; whether this be in collaboration with an external HR partner such as FAB HR, or by rapidly developing a concrete needs assessment, ahead of an internal HR initiative, concerning employee and employer opportunities. At your request, we can even define the areas where FAB HR can support your business within the scope of our HR services. To get a home run on delivery and fulfillment, it is important that we first start by mapping the needs of your organization.


Foundational HR

We start with a run-through of the basics of HR from an employer’s perspective. We cover all the whats, whys and hows of HR from competency-based planning and recruitment to employment law and occupational safety.



The next step is to map your current situation, both as a business and also as an employer. Are you in a start-up phase, scaling up or are you a large, established organization? What requirements need to be met in relation to your size and functions? What are your plans for the future? And do these influence you as an employer?


Conclusions and actions

Finally, we summarize your company’s current status and situation before recommending immediate actions including an action plan going forward to secure the success and stability of your business.