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Our Services

HR expert

With our HR Expert service, we become your go-to person for all HR-related questions. It can range from the most foundational areas, such as establishing workplace processes, building labour relations and implementing policies, to developing the strategic HR work and creating conditions for an efficient organization.

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Learning and Development

We offer various development initiatives for leaders, teams and organizations who want to take an active and conscious approach to their progress. We cooperate and produce tailored efforts that are based on movement, long term perspective and business advantage. Examples of previous efforts are culture and values work, workshops, facilitation, education, leadership forums, HR networks and management teamwork.

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HR Kick-off

Our Kick-off consists of an HR mapping that is for CEOs or management teams who want to get an overview of their HR work and go through the basics and processes in the area. Through the mapping, a compilation of the identified current situation is created with recommended efforts to reach the desired target image based on vision, strategies, processes and legal requirements. The result can be used as a basis for further development of the internal work or with continued support from FAB HR.