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Inhouse Recruitment

Through our Inhouse Recruitment service, we are your recruitment partner in the organization's own brand in order to attract and recruit right employees. We set up and run all or parts of the recruitment work. Furthermore, we can also develop your employer branding, create a career page and design a customized onboarding process.

Through our Inhouse Recruitment service, all recruitment takes place in the organization's own name and brand, but is carried out by an external recruitment partner from FAB HR. We support all or parts of the recruitment process. Either we run the whole process from start to finish, or we focus on parts of the process: setting up the recruitment system, needs analysis, requirement profiles, advertising, search, selection, interviews, cases, reference taking, tests and drafting of employment contracts as well as possible negotiation with the union in case of managerial recruitment. Your needs determine the layout and scope.
We can also make your organization to a more attractive employer by strengthening your employer branding. The work with employer branding takes place from an inside out perspective and is based on the current situation and the strategic target image. By mapping and identifying the organization's unique employer brand, we develop a strategy and recommended activities that contribute to strengthening, adapting or maintaining the brand. Examples of activities that we can carry out are creating a career page, developing an onboarding process or facilitating internal initiatives such as leadership training and valuation workshops.

HR Kick-off

Our Kick-off consists of an HR mapping that is for CEOs or management teams who want to get an overview of their HR work and go through the basics and processes in the area. Through the mapping, a compilation of the identified current situation is created with recommended efforts to reach the desired target image based on vision, strategies, processes and legal requirements. The result can be used as a basis for further development of the internal work or with continued support from FAB HR.